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About Spectra

SPECTRA – Involving Intellectual Minds



SPECTRA is a creativity program which aims at bridging the gap between universities and industries. The jump from college to industry is usually a huge one for the college student. This is mainly due to lack of experience to working environment in the industrial sector. SPECTRA aids the student participants to exhibit their neoteric ideas and also allows them to demonstrate their renovated concepts in this modernized world. It is an apt platform for the budding inventors to hone their methodological skills. Projects are taken from a variety of fields to provide ample opportunities for students with varying talents to participate in whatever fields they choose. In addition to all this Spectra will ensure the fulfilment of both company needs and student needs.

With the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking, and innovation, SPECTRA believes in creating an incomparable ambience of science and technology. In its labor to bestow a wide platform for the students to unveil their talents and skill sets in intense competitions SPECTRA strives for one and all to get inspired and look up to. Sharing enriches everyone with more knowledge by sharing their conceptual ideas students get the space to get into contact with novel and innovative endeavors. Paper presentations on advanced technologies is yet another platform to get upgraded with the modern trend.

SPECTRA as a technical club that apart from unveiling the crown of technical advancement, also targets for the advancement of the students with exceptional initiatives. It is an attempt concentrated on the advancement of technical innovations designed at intensifying a balanced nation. These initiatives to address the latest scenarios in this contemporary realm puts SPECTRA apart from any other college-festival and added a whole new dimension to this institution.

Rohini Rohini