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Fostering Socially Responsible Leadership in Students

The deep depression over the Comorin area has intensified into a cyclone which moved towards Lakshadweep Islands, according to the India Meteorological Department it was named as Ockhi, the cyclone intensified into a cyclonic storm causing heavy rainfall in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Torrential overnight rain, accompanied by squally winds, lashed this district, uprooting scores of trees and affecting on the particular day.The Administration of kanyaKumari district has asked people not to venture out, even as educational institutions remained closed.A couple of trains, originating and passing through this district suffered partial to full cancellation, even as some of them were rescheduled, Southern Railway officials said.

The after effects of Okhi cyclone were so worse in the sense, many of them lost their lives, many lost their crops and even the public transport system too was affected. The entire power infrastructure of Kanyakumari district also affected badly by Okhi. 1044 people have been evacuated from low lying areas in Kanyakumari. Many of them were helpless as several villages were inundated with waist deep water. Local administration employed personnel to remove uprooted trees as movement of vehicular traffic was affected.

With concern about possible contamination ,the management of Rohini College of Engineering & Technology organized a disaster relief camp in Kanyakumari. The waters marooned large parts of the district for several days and rescue efforts were hampered by the lack of electricity and mobile connectivity, but Rohini created Multiple rescue camps across Kanuya Kumari. The students and faculties arranged purified drinking water and food for around 1300 people all around the affected villages. The volunteers made new friends, formed teams and stayed on their feet. They picked up brooms to sweep away water with every new bout of rain. They picked up trash and washed huge vessels. They took delivery of groceries and kept tabs on gas cylinders. They formed teams to do real-time surveys of the affected areas and they distributed food. They waded through water and delivered food.

Going to college isn’t all about academics. Rather, the college experience helps shape a student’s perspective about the community strengthens the sense of social responsibility, and this disaster enabled them to become well-educated social beings.