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Graduation Day

HR CONCLAVE 2017- An extreme makeover

RCET organised the first HR Conclave on October 21,.2017 at The Opulent Hall. The event brought together eminent professionals from the industry on a common stage where they shared their experiences and knowledge in the form of Power Point Presentation to our Final Year Students.

In 90's the role of Human Resource Manager was more of a ‘Personnel Manager’ – probably the one that hires a candidate and releases the salary on-time. But in the last decade, the HR function has changed in this Business world as ‘Future of workplace’, Talent and jobs which were a platform that seeks to engage industry leaders, corporate head hunters, employees and young graduates to discuss the latest in the job market. The Motive of this HR Conclave is to provide the students with the opportunity to interact with the business leaders, but also gave them a much-needed insight into Campus Recruitment.

The morning session initiated with an auspicious Lamp Lightning ceremony along with the dignitaries. Prof. George Mary Aarthi, The Head, Training & Placement delivered the Welcome address. The Vice Principal & Association Head at RCET, Dr. T. Sri Devi said that the Conclave is more about identifying problems in the field of HR and asking probing questions. She added that myths surrounding HR need to be busted. She added that the perception of HR is moving from being a purely qualitative domain to an analytical one. She ended her Presidential Address by adding many insights about Rohini Campus.

The event was inaugurated by each HR Professionals, Firstly, Mr. Vedhanayakam.V, Manager Paytm, discussed about “Why Paytm as Payment solution?” He further discussed about How India’s largest Digital Wallet works? He emphasised on importance of Digital Wallet utilisation in this modern world and the Role of Engineers in this Digital World.

Secondly, Mr. Pandi Alaghu Raja.M, HR Manager, Jouve India gave an Icebreaking session about “How to create an employable talent?” He added that with job market in deep doldrums, industry has understood that our education system needs to be revamped. Exhorted the students to make it a habit to read news papers daily as it would help them. “You should grow in your own way and better not to compare yourselves with others,” he added. His Interactive sessions made students to think about what are the skills needed to improve and grow their career.

Thirdly, Mr. Praveen Raja. C.T, Exceutive Recruitment, Cognizant Technologies (CTS) gave an Interesting talk about “Inside CTS – What CTS Expects?” In his keynote address he highlighted how rapid changes in technology are influencing people and their workplaces. He mentioned how the field of HR has substantially evolved with time and has embraced technology for day-to-day activities of recruiting, skill development of employees and performance reviews. He further talked about the rising role of analytics in HR and how an overwhelming amount of effort goes into collation of data.

Mr. Mohammed Gafoor.H, Senior Developer, Paypal statred the afternoon session he discussed about the “Evolution of Programming Languages” and How a non-IT student can learn a Programming Language easily?. He shared many online forums and a video presentation to remove the fear of students about programming languages.

Finally, Ms. Bhavani.N, Assosiate Recruitment Manager, Tech Mahindra discussed about “Interview tips to our students”. She added that the challenges on the ground today are of interpretation skills, and of a student. She also discussed about the latest insights and approaches, draws out unique and “out of the box” answers to get recruited by top companies.

She argued that Students need to do research in context of Indian workplaces. Later, HR CONCLAVE 2017 was concluded with felicitation of the guests with momentous as a token of gratitude. Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Vasudevan.S, AP- Training & Placement.