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VALUE ADDED COURSE “Accrete Students Knowledge”

Rohini is keen on nurturing its students to develop into industry-ready professionals and competent entrepreneurs. The definition of employability skills keeps on changing in a world whose technological frontiers are pushing outward day by day. To help our students gain exposure to the latest in technological developments, to provide an opportunity to develop inter-disciplinary skills and to equip them with skills which shape a global citizen’s profile, the Institute has introduced various Value Added Courses which are floated throughout the year. Delivered by industry experts, they bring the knowhow of cutting edge technology to the college doorstep.

Students have the options to choose from a host of courses as per their inclination at a nominal fee. These include courses on technical, non-technical as well as foreign languages; recent courses were on Ethical Hacking, Android Applications and ERP, to mention a few.

Value added courses are designed and offered by each department for the benefit of the students. These courses are conducted after the regular college hours. So each student leaving Rohini with a Degree will have completed at least two value added courses. We have Tie Up with NIIT for conducting the certified courses like CCNA, C#, .NET, and Lab view, JAVA, J2EE, J3ME, Auto CAD, PLC/SCADA, STAT PRO.