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Centre for Research

Rohini College of Engineering and Technology (RCET) is a research focused Technical Institution. Ever since its inception in the year 2012, the Institution has taken concerted efforts towards differentiating itself by encouraging Innovation and Research. Product Development Center (PDC) was constituted to strengthen research activities, enhance industry interaction and to foster industry relevant research.

PDC provides support and guidance to enable faculty and students to take up research and innovative development relevant to industry as well as society.

Major goals of PDC include the following:

  • Establish and Nurture Research culture
  • Develop and Augment Research labs
  • Encourage Sponsored Research & Enhance facilities
  • Provide Ambience for State-of-the-Art Research
  • Engage in Collaborative Research
  • Pursue focused research towards International Expertise

Research Affiliations (Institute Code: 4131817)

Currently the Department of Mechanical Engineering of RCET have been approved and recognized as Research Centers of Anna University to offer M.S (by Research) and Ph.D. Programs.

Anna University Recognized Research Supervisors

Sl.No Department Name of the Faculty Research Area No. of Scholars guiding as on date
1 Mechanical Engineering Dr. R.Rajesh Production Engineering 1
2 Mechanical Engineering Dr. S.Indran Material Science 2
3 Mechanical Engineering Dr. D.Prince Sahaya Sudherson Friction Surfaceing
4 Mechanical Engineering Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Nano Coatings
5 Mechanical Engineering Dr. K. K. Ajith Kumar Magnesium alloys and Magnesium matrix composite 3
6 Mechanical Engineering Dr.K.P.Paranitharan Lean and Agile Manufacturing

Research Collaborations

RCET has actively pursued collaborations with leading Universities around the world, enabling relevant and state of the art research. Research-level interactions are being pursued with the universities and institutions such as

  • University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Tanzania
  • Jillin University, China

Projects & Patents

PDC channelizes the process of filling patent applications from faculty and students of RCET through patent attorneys. The list of patent filled and students project fund recievd from Tamilnadu State Council For Science And Technology (TNSCST) are listed below:

Patent applications filed

Sl.No Title of Invention Name of the Inventor(s) Department Application No/C.B.R No/Date of Registration Date Of Publication Status of the process
1 Methyl esters of karanja oil for Diesel Engine Dr.R.Rajesh Mechanical Engineering 202041036346 A 04.09.2020 Published
2 A cellulose fibre and method for extracting the same Dr.S.Indran Mechanical Engineering 201941034448 A 13.12.2019 Published
3 Face detection module Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering 202041001944 A 24.01.2020 Published
4 Airbag in Automobile Safety Technology and Improvements Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering 202041003413 A 31.01.2020 Published
5 IOT based Real-Time Fuel Efficiency and Monitoring system for a smart vehicle using mobile device Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering 202041007612 A 28.02.2020 Published
6 Novel development process for homogeneous distributions of Nanoparticles with Aluminium Alloys Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering 202041047922 A 13.11.2020 Published
7 Development of Artificial Intelligence based Traffic Management System Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering 202141004191 A 05.02.2021 Published
8 Smart Wireless charging system for IOT devices in home automation Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering 2021100560 31.03.2021 Granted
9 Tri- Tyre Hydro Car Dr.A.Sagai Francis Britto Mechanical Engineering IN 346717-001 26.07.2021 Filed
10 Installation and Experimental and computational Evaluation of an Integrated Thermal Storage and Solar Cooling Unit Dr.Prince Sahaya Sudherson D Mechanical Engineering 202011027406 A 30.04.2021 Published
11 Artificial Neural Network based production monitoring with optimized tool lifespan system Dr.S.Kailainathan Mechanical Engineering 2021103342 21.07.2021 Granted