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Grievances and Redressal

Functions :

Receiving grievances or problems, make necessary enquires with the help of a committee, sorting out the issues by suggesting remedial measures such as counseling, penalty or any suitable actions with the approval of the Principal.

Meetings :

Once in Three Week and on any exigency report.

The following faculties are assigned as the Grievances and Redressal Members

Name of the Faculty Designation Position
Mr.P.Jaya Kumar ASP/& HOD EEE Coordinator
Dr.T.Janisubha ASP/Chemistry Co-Coordinator
Dr.K.Shanthi Prof/CSE Member
Dr.D.PrinceSahaya Sudherson Professor/Mech Member
Mrs.JasmineJ.C.Sheeja ASP/ECE Member
Mr.S.Kalainathan AP/Mech Member
Mr.N.Suthan Kumar AP/Civil Member
Mr.L.HariGopalakrishnan AP/Civil Member
Mrs.I.Janet Angel AP/English Member