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About Us

Department of Agriculture Engineering, offers 4 years BE- Agriculture Engineering Degree programme. To impart the knowledge on crop cultivation aspects from seed to harvest, the department has a 45 acres of farm along with well-equipped soil science, Agriculture Metrology and Crop Husbandry labs with highly qualified Teaching Faculty. This Department has fully modernized Food and Agricultural Processing Laboratory, latest Soil and Water Modeling Software. Fully centralized on-field irrigation system gives the option of using different irrigation systems. The department offers hands-on training for students from first year onwards on the latest agricultural engineering technologies.

  • 45 Acres of Farm Land for Research and Development.
  • State of the art laboratory facilities with highly qualified Members of Faculty.
  • The department offers hands-on training for students with the latest agricultural Engineering technologies.
  • Department has fully modernized Farm and GIS Laboratory with latest Soil Water Modeling Software.
  • Enviable support and knowledge network includes Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Academicians.

Rohini’s Agriculture Engineering is entirely Sophisticated with extraordinary features and occupies a predominant position among Agricultural Sciences and Engineering.


To produce quality excellence in Agricultural Engineering Education, Research and Extension for Sustainable Agricultural Development and Livelihood security of farming community


  • To be a center of excellence in teaching, research and extension education in the disciplines of farm machineries, irrigation systems, food processing and renewable energies
  • To educate and train the future professionals to face various agricultural challenges due to global changing scenario
  • To discover and improve new technologies for stake holders based on integrated approach