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Recognized Under Section 2(f) of University Grants Commission, UGC Act 1956

About Us

We have a freshly instituted interdisciplinary subject Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, an Engineering Programme with an intake of 60 students in the B.Tech AI & Data Science program. This program has roots in computer science, electrical, electronics, and communication engineering, mathematics, and linguistics. Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences is a four years undergraduate course that deals with core technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Fundamental concepts of IoT, Natural Language Processing, Data warehouse, Data mining, Scripting language, Product development, and Mathematical modeling. The department accommodates outcome-based education which helps the students to learn, develop, Hone technical and soft skills like database management, coding language basics, analytical tools, communication skills, data intuition, and strong business acumen in order to serve society. The department has experienced and dedicated faculty with a wide range of specifications like Artificial intelligence with Machine Learning, network security, cloud computing, Networking Methodologies, the Internet of things, big data, and image processing.

The faculty members have published more than 40 papers in National/International journals/Conferences and had written 2 books during the last 3 years and received many awards. Apart from the regular curriculum, the students were provided with a lot of opportunities to work on projects and skill development to serve the growing needs of the country in the field of computing. The department offers value-added knowledge to the graduates. The department conducts international conferences and national-level technical symposiums every year for students and organizes faculty development programs, guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and industrial visits at regular intervals. The department has well-established laboratory facilities to conduct research work on different specialized areas of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Jobs are becoming more and more available as the demand for data science and artificial intelligence rises quickly. Business-like telecommunication, e-commerce, healthcare, climatology, social networking companies, biotechnology, genetics, research and development, IT industry, IT-enabled service industries, banking, government agencies, insurance, aerospace, etc. are just a few of the career opportunities scopes available after pursuing a B.Tech in AI.

Finally, it can be claimed that B.Tech AI and DS graduates will have a very promising future.