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Value Added Courses

Learning is the key to knowledge and continuous learning is the constant objective of our institution. Working towards this objective, our college periodically conducts trainings, lectures and various other programs for the wellness of the students. In the present day scenario, all engineers need extensive computational skills irrespective of their engineering stream they are interested in. As most of the industries are keen on programming fundamentals, our college has arranged value added course on core languages


Embedded Using Raspberry Pi is course is an introduction to the Raspberry Pi platform. It uses the latest Raspberry Pi 4. It is a step by step course to help you get your Raspberry Pi up and running, show how to build circuits that connect to the Raspberry Pi and build applications like a RetroPie gaming system and Google Assistant Personal Device!

you can also learn how to easily prepare an SD card and flash it for any Operating System for the Pi by using GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins and how to programmatically control them with Python.

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Embedded C Programming , The training session covers both theoretical concepts and practical sessions. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students, there by provides for bridging the gap between industry's requirements and students' academic skill set. By pursuing the Institute's Program in Embedded Systems the students gain ready acceptance in the market.

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EMBEDDED AND IoT (2015-2019)

Embedded and Iot Course focuses on providing end-to-end exposure. The core modules in the course includes Embedded C and Python programming, Embedded IoT interfacing such as Sensors, IoT Device Programming with Raspberry Pi boards, Network connectivity and IoT Protocols, IoT Application development on Linux and deploying the IoT Applications on scalable cloud platforms. Students will also get non-functional aspects of IoT which includes what is IoT architecture, IoT security and scalability.

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