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Recognized Under Section 2(f) of University Grants Commission, UGC Act 1956



AICTE Faculty ID
Associate Professor
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Rohini College of Engineering & Technology
B.E. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) - Anna University, Chennai - 2007.
M.E. (Control & Instrumentation) - Anna University, Chennai - 2012.
Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) - Anna University, Chennai - 2021.
Total Years of Experience in Teaching :
14.9 Years
Subject Expertise :
Control Systems
Research Area :
Demand Side Management
Selected Publications (Any Three) :
  • Dr.N.Amutha Priya, (17/03/2023), 'Saving Energy Consumption in WSN using Clustering Techniques (SECCT)', INDIAN PATENT, Application No.202341011583 A (STATUS: Published), pp.27184.
  • Anuja N, Amutha Priya N, Sree Rameswari A, Jeganmurugan P, (2023), 'Energy Management in Institutional Buildings through Efficient Lighting Systems', BOOK CHAPTER: Emerging Trends in Engineering, Management, Arts and Science, First Edition (), pp.67-83.
  • N. Amutha Priya, N. Anuja, A. Nabisha, T. Thanga Sakthi, (2021), 'Analysis of Transient Response of Four-leg Voltage Source Inverter Under Digital Delay', BOOK CHAPTER: Advancements in Engineering and Management, First Edition (261-278), pp..
  • D.Periyasamy, N.Amutha Priya, S.Gopakumar, S.Nithya, S.Sanju, (2022), 'Neural Network Based Predictive Control of DC Motor Position by Newton-Raphson Method', AIP Conf. Proc., 3rd International Conference on Innovations in Thermal, Manufacturing, Structural and Environmental Engineering, 2912 (), pp.020028-1 to 020028-6.
  • N.Anuja, N.Amutha Priya, Jeganmurugan P, Sree Rameswari A, (2022), 'Investigation on the Acoustic Behaviour of Perlite in Concrete', Advancements in Sustainable Materials and Infrastructure, IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 1086 (012042), pp.1-8. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/1086/1/012042
  • N. Amutha Priya, G. Abitha, M.A. Gopika, P.B. Nanthana, (2023), 'The Impact of Faults in Three-phase Transmission Line and Their Detection Techniques: A Review', Trends in Electrical Engineering, 13 (1), pp.32-37.
  • N. Amutha Priya, P. Ajitha, E. Evangalin, S.K. Marini, S. Thomas Athisaya, (2023), 'The Role of SCADA in Detecting Electric Faults in the Wind Turbine System: A Review', Journal of Power Electronics & Power Systems, 13 (1), pp.16-24.
  • N.Amutha Priya, (2021), 'Utilization of Arduino Control in Mitigating the Hybrid Harmonics of DC/AC Inverter', Indian Journal of VLSI Design, 1 (2), pp.5-8.
  • N. Amutha Priya, M. Aswin, S. J. Azis Shane, Y. Blessing Dino, D. Dagul, (2021), 'Performance Analysis of a High Gain LUO Converter-Based Hybrid PV-Wind System', Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences, 10 (1), pp.1-4.
  • N. Amutha Priya, S. Sahaya Sathesh Raj, K. Siva, R. Vetha Jebarson, P. Vignesh, (2021), 'Performance Analysis of Smart Stick Designed for Visually Impaired People Using GSM and GPS', Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology, 10 (1), pp.8-12.
  • Amutha Priya, N, Carolin Mabel, M, (2020), 'Novel Heuristic ToD-Block Rate Tariff for DSM Initiation in Domestic Sector: A Study Analysis', Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology, 15 (4), pp.1521-1527.
Awards / Achievements / Recognitions :
  • M.E. - Gold Medal
  • M.E - Best Outgoing Student (Year 2012)
  • MBA - Gold Medal
  • GATE 2012 Score: 377 All India Rank: 7598
  • X std - 200/200 in MATHS at the Matriculation Public Exam 2001
  • BEC Score – 165 (BEC Vantage – Cambridge University)
Other Contributions :
  • NAAC Criterion 6 Incharge
  • NBA - Criteria 3 Incharge
  • IEEE - RCET Student Branch Counselor
Professional Body Membership Details :
  • ISTE – Life membership
  • IEEE member
  • IAENG - Life membership