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Recognized Under Section 2(f) of University Grants Commission, UGC Act 1956

About Us

“Chemistry states the more energy you put into a bond, the harder it is to break.” The Chemistry department is functioning from the inception of College. It caters to the needs of first year B.E./B.Tech. students in strengthening their knowledge in basic science to serve as a launching pad for their technological career. The Department strives to achieve this by providing an excellent academic environment, well-developed infrastructure and eminent faculties. In Chemistry department the students learn basic chemistry knowledge and skills, like properties of solids, liquids and gases, chemical bonding and radioactivity. Moreover, chemistry is the study of the transformation of matter. Our department has two Ph.D. holders. We have been achieving good result in the semester exams.


To be recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in teaching and research in field of Chemistry and other related interdisciplinary sciences to serve the developing needs of the Nation.


To promote technically competent and socially committed technocrats with ethics and moral values through quality education and research in chemistry and other related interdisciplinary areas towards the betterment of the society.

Salient Features

  • Our department support to enhance our reputation through motivation, excellence and discovery.
  • Maintaining our department by relevance of teaching and research, its quality of support and the learning opportunities
  • Our department is committed to exceptional teaching through curriculum innovation.
  • Providing values which are based on the highest professional and academic standards in terms of professional growth