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Industry Institute Connectivity

The challenges of the students on the ground today are of interpretation skills, work readiness skills, presentation skills. From lack of awareness regarding workplace etiquette to unrealistic expectations regarding their roles and from lack of exposure to a collaborative environment to inability to meet deadlines, there are many reasons why several freshers find it difficult to adapt to the demands of their workplaces.

RCET initiated to conduct the industry institute interaction to overcome all these challenges. Interactive sessions such as HR Conclave, Experts talk through Workshop, Seminar (Placement related Challenges)

HR Conclave:

The motive of HR Conclave is to provide the students with the opportunity to interact with the business leaders, but also gave them a much-needed insight into Campus recruitment. Conclave is more about identifying problems in the field of HR and asking probing questions. These Interactive sessions made students to think about what are the skills needed to be improved to grow their career, the latest insights and approaches to draw out unique and “out of the box” answers to get recruited by top companies.

Experts talk

In order to offer our students latest insights into the emerging technologies and advancements, RCET arrange for renowned experts to come and visit the university to deliver expert talks to our students. While teaching focuses on theory and labs, invited guest lectures and seminars introduce current trends in the industry and research domain. These lectures present different possibilities and perspectives on the same topic taught in the curriculum.

Some of the extra ordinary talks include:
  • Mr. Vedhanayakam.V, Manager Paytm, discussed about “Why Paytm as Payment solution? And importance of Digital Wallet utilization in this modern world.
  • Mr. Pandi Alaghu Raja.M, HR Manager, Jouve India gave an talk ont “How to create an employable talent?”
  • Mr. Praveen Raja. C.T, Exceutive Recruitment, Cognizant Technologies (CTS) gave an Interesting talk about “Inside CTS – What CTS Expects?” talked about the rising role of analytics in HR.
  • Mr. Mohammed Gafoor.H, Senior Developer, Paypal delivered a talk on “Evolution of Programming Languages” and how a non-IT student can learn a Programming Language easily?
  • Ms. Bhavani.N, Assosiate Recruitment Manager, Tech Mahindra discussed about “Interview tips to our students”.
  • Mr.Yuvaraj, Business Development Manager, FACE Academy delivered the importance of training and tips to succeed in TCS Ninja 2020.
  • Mr.Jim J Seelan,Associate Consultant,Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) delivered talk on “Bridging Gap between Industry and Institute”