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Recognized Under Section 2(f) of University Grants Commission, UGC Act 1956

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    A special guest SHRI.V. THANGAPUTHIAVAN, SCIENTIST’SG’, DIVISIONAL HEAD AI L110, ISRO PROPULSION COMPLEX, MAHENDRAGIRI was invited for the inauguration of “ASSOCIATION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS” was held at Rohini College of Engineering Technology, Kanyakumari.

    The respected principal, addressed the students on the importance of outlining a road map in order to reach the goal successfully. The head of the department Dr.S. INDRAN introduced the chief guest and the office bearers’. The special guest motivated the students to work hard and build career. In the chief guest address, the students were motivated to inculcate leadership qualities in them and stated that association is the arena to exhibit leadership and managerial skills. The office bearers are Mr. BALAPASWATHI T of IV Mech as Student Vice President, Ms. AMANDA S of IV Mech as Student Secretary and their roles and responsibilities were conveyed. The guest was honored for his valuable guidance and the event ended with vote of thanks and national anthem.

  • Office Bearers:

    Sl.No Name Designation
    1 Dr.D. Prince Sahaya Sudherson PRESIDENT
    2 Jude V J (IV Mech B) VICE-PRESIDENT
    3 Arijayabalan S A (IV Mech A) GENERAL SECRETARY
    4 Sujith M (IV Mech C) TREASURES
    5 Beslinluei D ( III Mech A) JOINT SECRETARIES
    6 Krishnakumar (III Mech B) JOINT SECRETARIES
    7 Somen Tripathy (III Mech C) JOINT SECRETARIES
    8 Abhishek M (IV Mech A) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    10 Pravin J (IV Mech C) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    11 Thanush M (III Mech C) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    12 Jegatheesh (III Mech B) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    13 Sabarish (III Mech C) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    14 Ajiee Kmar J (II Mech A) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    15 Ragul R (II Mech B) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    16 Sivabalaaravind (II Mech C) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
    17 Mr.V. Abilesh FACULTY ADVISOR
    18 Mr.P.Navin Jass FACULTY ADVISOR
  • List of Events Organized by Mechanical Association

    Sl.No Details Files/URL
    1 ASSOCIATION EVENTS 2022-2023
    2 ASSOCIATION EVENTS 2020-2021
    3 ASSOCIATION EVENTS 2019-2020
    4 ASSOCIATION EVENTS 2018-2019
    5 ASSOCIATION EVENTS 2017 -2018