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Certification Courses


Electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) is typically used to design and develop electronic systems. Although the acronym is a mere letter away from “CAD”, there’s actually more to the story than appending the word “electronic” to “computer-aided design”.

Electrical engineers have found that it is a lot simpler to design their integrated circuits (ICs) in 2D, where all of the complexity of positional data can be effectively evaluated and assessed. This dimensional data is then incorporated with extra data, such as the height of the circuit board layers and their material properties, in an ECAD file as metadata. ECAD files work perfectly for the manufacturing industry, as most ICs are produced by depositing metal and oxide layers through “masks”. The 2D data is basically the layout of the mask, while the ECAD file’s metadata instructs the manufacturing process on the material type and amount of material to be deposited.

Embedded Systems :

In our daily life, we use so many mechanical and electronic devices to make our work faster and easier like washing machine, lifts, escalator, pagers, micro ovens,etc.. so to do those works we need some processors which works for only a particular applications i.e like washing machine which only used to wash the clothes.To develop those type of applications we need to embedded some logical programs in processors which is written in the basic embedded program which is similar to C language. so to develop those type of applications most of the IT companies need engineers who have sound knowledge in hardware and software design. Nowadays the companies are more concentrate on the Internet of Things(IOT), It is one of the best course to get into a core companies, for this you have to learn Aurdino.

PLC, SCADA, Plant technologies & Plant Automation

We train the students on the complete scope of the particular industry which includes design basis, planning, procurement, project engineering, project management and Operations and Management, which also include different types of job skills required for engineers in industries like steel plants, cement plants, power plants, Oil & Gas platforms, LNG terminals etc. In Equipment level training, we train the students on design philosophy, erection & commissioning, PLC SCADA training, Operations & Maintenance of a particular equipment in detail.

Industrial Training in Industrial Automation

Almost every manufacturing company is adopting industrial automation to survive in highly competitive market. So all these companies required trained engineers for design and maintained the automation process mean high requirement of automation Engineers all over the globe.

EDPTI has designed the training programs which fulfill the requirements of the company in the field of industrial automation. We provide the practical and professional training on latest hardware and software which fulfill the need of candidate or professionals.

EDPTI has number of training program as per candidate requirements. Our training program includes Programmable logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Field Instrumentation, Panel Designing, Sensors and instrumentation Designing.